Nick Gordon reportedly paid $40,000 for emotional Bobbi Kristina graveside photo

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Recently, images surfaced of Nick Gordon saying a tearful farewell to Bobbi Kristina Brown at the site of her grave, but according to inside sources, it was no accident that his goodbye was caught on camera.

“It was not by accident that Nick was photographed at the site,” said one insider told Page Six. Another source said that Gordon was paid $40,000 for the images.

“Nick is broke,” the source said. “He can’t afford to defend himself. There was a deal for that money to go to his defense fund.”

Gordon is facing a $10 million civil suit for his alleged involvement in the death of Bobbi Kristina. The suit alleges that he gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” and “put her face down in a tub of cold water, causing her to suffer brain damage.” The suit also follows on allegations that Gordon had been abusing Bobbi Kristina and that he had been stealing from her even when she was in the hospital.

The images for which Gordon was allegedly paid include photos of him clutching two bouquets of flowers, taking cell phone pictures of her tombstone, kissing the tombstone and generally having an emotional breakdown.

When reached for comment about the alleged payoff, a representative for Gordon said, “This is completely fabricated.”