Fast food worker yanked from drive through window by her hair

african kings

As if working minimum wage at a fast food joint isn’t hard enough, now we have to worry about raging customers dragging people out of the window by their hair.

That’s what happened to one poor employee in a confrontation filmed apparently from the backseat of the car as a female driver exchanges heated words with the employee.

“Come on, b****,” the driver can be heard to say after the employee slides open the drive-thru window. The driver then grabbed the employee by her hair and pulled her out of the window, and the victim hit the side of the car before crashing to the ground.

“Get out, Quita. Get out, Quita. Quita, get out. Open the door. Come open the door,” the person filming the incident can be heard saying, apparently to the driver.

It is not yet clear where this incident happened, though it likely occurred just this month.

Check out the footage above.