The Black Lives Matter movement “promotes racism,” according to one African-American marine whose video on the topic has gone viral.

Michael Whaley, an African-American Marine made famous by his viral video in which he claimed that the Black Lives Matter movement “promotes racism,” sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss his views on the matter.

During the discussion with Kelly, Waley revealed that he had been subjected to many “hateful” comments about his views and that he believed the people who were criticizing him simply could not accept the truth. He went on to criticize the media for hyping up the racial tension with headlines like “white officer kills unarmed black man.”

Watch Michael Whaley’s interview with Megyn Kelly below:

He also criticized the Black Lives Matter movement and suggested that it was promoting tension between races as well as encouraging black people to “throw away their lives.”

Watch Michael Whaley’s original video recording on Black Lives Matter below:

In the original video, now viral, Waley had stated that “black people can’t accept the truth about themselves” and suggested that as the reason he did not have much support for his views in the African-American community. He also declared that “All Lives Matter.”

Furthermore, Waley suggested that people should not be saying “eff the police,” because, as he said, the police were the ones who were supposed to help them seek justice if, for example, their child is killed.