News anchor reacts to online debate over natural vs. straightened hair

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North Carolina news anchor Angela Green made waves on the Internet recently after a video posted to her station’s Facebook page reignited the debate over natural versus straightened hair.

In the video, Green was asked by an intern what to do about her hair, which had been described as “distracting.”

Green replied, “Distracting, well that is a very interesting word. But in the world of TV we see it all. It just depends in what market, what audience you’re looking for right now. And really, your bosses and what they allow you to do. My advice is straighten for the sake of the school project. Depending on what market you get in, when you’re older, that is something that you have to deal with. But in the workplace, just for this one, my suggestion was to just straighten it out just to please everybody.”

Natural hair … or nah?

Natural hair or nah? Professional advice for one of our interns. Weigh in? #naturalhair #yolo #professionalism #bighairdontcare

Posted by Angela Green WTXL on Monday, September 14, 2015

Since then, the video has gone viral, and Green wrote a post on WNCT to clarify her original statements.

“That was my personal advice to her based on my knowledge and experiences in the broadcasting industry. And my advice is one that I stand by,” she said.

“It was never a statement of what hair styles are or not allowed/or accepted in the workplace.”

She also went on to say, “While we all choose to agree or disagree on what’s acceptable in the work place and what your personal beliefs are, it is an issue that is prevalent in the workplace, especially when it comes to diversity and discrimination.”