Soap opera actress criticizes Viola Davis' speech, then apologizes

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Nancy Lee Grahn, of General Hospital fame, didn’t like Viola Davis’ Emmy speech, and the Internet was quick to criticize her for her tone deaf tweets. So, she profusely apologized.

First, Grahn tweeted out the following about Davis’ speech: “I wish I loved Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it.

A little later on, she tried to qualify her position: “Viola Davis winning lead actress Emmy’s historic. My upset is acting awards dont fix racial injustice. As an actor I see how irrelevant we r. I never mean to diminish her accomplishment. I wish I could get her roles. She is a goddess. I want equality 4 ALL women, not just actors.”

Then, Grahn began her apology: “I apologize 2 anyone who I offended. I’m women advocate since I became one. After reading responses, I hear u and my tweet was badly phrased. Schooled. As surrogate 2 last democratic presidents I thought I needed no lesson in equality. I was wrong. Please accept my apology.”

By the end of the night, during which she stayed up on Twitter trying to respond to all the criticism, Grahn seemed tired. “3am.Tried 2 respond 2 u with love as I should, Gotten mostly condescension & vitriol.Tomorrow, new day. Wont begin it with anything but love,” she tweeted. She then added, “30 yrs an advocate 4 human rights & now i’m a racist. Color me heartbroken. Twitter can bring out the best & sadly tonight the worst of us.”