High school drill team dance-off turns into vicious hair-pulling brawl

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If you’ve seen Step Up or You’ve Got Served, you know what a friendly dance-off is supposed to look like.

Well, think again.

Two rival high school drill teams decided to have a dance-off after a recent football game at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

The dance-off seemed normal at first, as captains from the Wilmer Hutchins High School and James Madison High School took to the field and assembled in a face-off formation.

But soon, a full-on brawl broke out when a drill team member broke the golden rule of dance battle … messing up her opponent’s hair.

In cell phone footage obtained by Fox 4 News, viewers can watch the entire brawl from start to finish.

A member from Madison High School came over and performed a mock routine in front of Deshannon Roberts’ daughter, 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper. The dance team member from Madison returned, and Cooper turned her back. Then Cooper was suddenly hit in the back of the head as the Madison dance team member grabbed her hair.

“You do have a personal space in which you are supposed to respect,” Roberts said. “That was not respected, so it was heated at that point. I immediately leaped over the rail and ran to the field, trying to protect my baby. By that time it was chaos.”

The field was soon filled with brawling dance team members and adults who had joined in.