Lamar Odom, who was recently hospitalized after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel, had been using cocaine and up to 10 sexual performance supplements, according to a taped 911 call.

According to Sheriff Sharon Wehrly, two Love Ranch employees called 911 after discovering Odom and told dispatchers about Odom’s drug use.

“They confirmed his (cocaine) usage on Saturday but were unsure if it had continued throughout the weekend,” Sheriff Wehrly said at a media conference on Wednesday afternoon. “They also informed dispatch that he had used up to 10 tabs of sexual performance supplements.”

Initially, the 911 call was made by employee Mitzi John, who called the emergency line a second time to ask responders to hurry, because Odom had “blood coming out of his nose and white stuff coming out of his mouth.”

Later, Richard Hunter, media director of the Love Ranch, was passed the telephone, and it was Hunter who described the course of drugs that Odom had been taking over three days’ time.

Wehrly also went on to say that it was “distinctly possible” that Odom would be facing charges of drug possession upon his recovery and also noted that the actions of employees at the Love Ranch were being looked into.