Beyoncé waves off touchy assistant attempting to cover up her cleavage

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Beyoncé was out on the red carpet on Tuesday for the TIDAL X: 1020 event when she was overheard lightly scolding her assistant to “stop it” as the assistant fussed over her dress.

The lady who appeared to be a stylist was tweaking Beyoncé’s outfit, particularly fussing over the amount of cleavage that the dress showed, when one photographer shouted, “Right here, Queen.”

Beyoncé looked over to the photographers, who were all snapping pictures, and grinned, telling her assistant what appears to be “stop it” before she began to pose for pictures.

The assistant quickly complied, rushing off to the side and out of the way so that Beyoncé could pose for the photographers.

Take a look at the video posted to Instagram and let us know what you think.