Empire star Ta'Rhonda Jones says she was named after mom's two boyfriends

'Empire' star Ta'Rhonda Jones talks about her role on 'Empire,' and reveals the hilarious origin of her name...

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Actress Ta’Rhonda Jones appeared on Conan to talk up Empire‘s success (where her character, Porsha, has become a fan-favorite), and while she was there, she decided to give a little backstory on the origin of her name.

“My mother was dating two men at the same time, Tyrone and Ronny,” she explained. She went on to say that her mother didn’t know which of them was her father, and so Ta’Rhonda ended up with both names, just in case.

Although neither man ultimately turned out to be her real father, Ta’Rhonda assured Conan O’Brien that this did not stop her mom from “pimping” out both men to take care of Ta’Rhonda.