Georgia twins denied drivers permit because DMV can't tell them apart

Alicia and Alicen Kennedy just wanted to get their learner's permits, but their hopes turned to frustration when the DMV couldn't tell the twins apart.

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Alicia and Alicen Kennedy just wanted to get their learner’s permits, but their hopes turned to frustration when the DMV couldn’t tell the twins apart.

“We gave her our paperwork but we didn’t even get a chance to take the test because she kept saying something was wrong with the computer,” Alicia told WJBF.

The problem was with the computer’s facial recognition program, which is helpful in identifying people who are trying to obtain illegal IDs. However, it was not helpful to the girls, because it kept reading their two faces as the same person.

“I was listening to her conversation with the person on the phone and it said that one of us popped up as a fraud,” Alicen explained.

“The other lady came back and said that when we were taking our pictures it was picking up as saying that we were one person instead of two different people,” Alicia said.

“After try, after try, after try, the system just would not accept them, and it kept saying that it was the same person, they finally said there was a problem and they had to call headquarters,” the twins’ mom, Wanda Kennedy told WJBF.

The DMV is now working with the twins to move the process along as quickly as possible, but the girls are still disappointed. “I want my permit, I don’t want to wait a whole other year,” Alicia said.