Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson surprises mom with new house

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Some people just get their mom flowers and a heartfelt card, but for Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and his brother, Rahlir, that’s just not enough. So, this year, to thank their mom for all she had done to raise them, they got together and bought her a new house.

Rodae and Rahlir said that their mother, Rylanda Hollis, had worked two jobs in order to support them as they were growing up, and they wanted to find a way to pay her back for her selfless service. “When they were little, I wanted to make sure I could provide for them so they wouldn’t be in the streets selling drugs,” Rylanda told the Arizona Daily Star in 2013.

So, when Rylanda showed up to find her boys and her family members sitting outside a house with a birthday cake, she was overwhelmed when Rondae said, “This is your house.”

“Growing up we always talked about that day, that special day when we can get our mom, our grandmother a new place to live — somewhere we can call home, somewhere that’s comfortable for us to be,” said Rondae.

“No wonder everyone kept saying this is going to be the best birthday,” Rylanda said.

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