Tom Jones to get DNA test for black ancestry: 'A lot of people think I'm black'

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Tom Jones is going to check into his DNA ancestry to see if he could have black heritage.

The 75-year-old singer explained that people have long questioned him about his race because of his deep voice and his curly hair.

“A lot of people still think I’m black,” Jones said. “When I first came to America, people who had heard me sing on the radio would be surprised that I was white when they saw me. Because of my hair a lot of black people still tell me I’m just passing as white.”

But even before he was born, Jones said, there were questions about his ancestry.

“When I was born, my mother came out in big dark patches all over her body,” he said. “They asked if she had any black blood and she said she didn’t know. I’m going to get my DNA tested. I want to find out.”