10-Year-Old witness claims Jamar Clark was handcuffed when officers shot him

Ze’Morion Dillon-Hokin was only yards away from Jamar Clark when he was killed, and as protests raged through Minneapolis over Clark’s death, the 10-year-old boy gave his witness statement to police saying that Clark was handcuffed when he was shot.

Ze’Morion said that Clark was trying to get to an ambulance where his girlfriend was being treated but was blocked by police in his efforts. “They asked him to step back. He was saying ‘f*** you’ to them,” he said.

He said that Clark then put his hands up and was handcuffed. Then, he was “choke-slammed down” by the officers.

Ze’Morion said that Clark was face-down when he was shot and that officers “flipped him over” and removed one handcuff before dragging him to the ambulance.

His mother Tequila Dillon, 31, said: “He was in shock afterwards. He was at home playing on his PS4 when he heard something was going on and went outside to see what it was. He saw it all and it has upset him. He came in and fell right over and said: ‘They are killing us.’ No child should see something like that and they are getting a therapist to try help him over it. He is off school.”

“I hope what he has told the police and the Bureau will help everybody get to the truth.”

Because there is little video evidence in this case, Ze’Morion’s testimony may well play a key role in the investigation.