Kaleb Graves is affectionately known around the nation as “Baby Buns.”

When his mother, Dana Griffin-Graves, announced she was pregnant in a now-viral video, she put a literal bun in the oven to tell her husband, who burst out with emotion and disbelief.

The couple had been trying for some time to get pregnant, and Kaleb was a miracle to them.

“God is good. He’s a miracle. Kaleb is a miracle,”his father, Arkell said.

Kaleb was born 17 weeks early, though, and he weighed only 13 ounces when he came into the world. His mother also struggled and was told that her blood pressure was so dangerously high that it could kill her. But now, Kaleb is alive and well and just turned one month old.

“If someone would have told me six weeks ago when I was laying in the hospital bed and I was in the ICU department, that I would be here today, I wouldn’t believe it,” Dana said.

She added that she has been encouraged by the hundreds and thousands of people online who have sent her their love and encouragement.

“It’s just amazing to know that we have so many people in our corner, so many people that have gone through the same thing and it’s just because of God’s grace,” she said.