Trey Davis’ mom knows how to motivate him, for sure.

Davis’ mom was apparently annoyed at him for his most recent slump, in which he had been shooting at 26 percent. “She was mad. Talking about my free throws and all this other stuff,” Davis said.

So, his mom decided to take matters into her own hands and cut off his phone plan, knowing that the loss would definitely get him motivated to play better.

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“Man, my mom turned my phone off after the game we just lost,” Davis told

“She said ‘Why are you missing free throws and all these jump shots?’ So she just turned my phone off and she told me ‘Get it together.'”

She may have been a little harsh, since Davis had only missed one free throw during his slump, but the threat was clear: shape up or lose the ability to use your phone.

It worked, and Davis came out swinging, dropping 40 points in Wednesday’s game against New Orleans.

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After the game, Davis’ mom texted him to say, “Great game!! You did what I know you could do.”

And more importantly, she activated the data plan again, so Davis said, “We’re good now.”