Boxer Hamzah Aljahmi, 19, dies after collapsing during his first pro fight

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Hamzah Aljahmi, a 19-year-old boxer from Michigan, died on Tuesday after he collapsed following his first professional fight.

The fight took place on Saturday against Anthony Taylor, who was also making his professional debut that day.

According to Ohio Athletic Commission executive director Bernie Profato, Aljahmi was knocked down three times int he first round but pulled it together to win during the second and third rounds. However, Aljahmi later collapsed, and he was taken to an Youngstown, Ohio hospital, where he underwent brain surgery.

Video shows Taylor backing Aljahmi into a corner during the fourth round and striking him repeatedly. Although Taylor initially celebrated his victory, he retreated to another corner as attendants checked over Aljahmi, and someone in the crowd can be heard saying, “He dead. He don’t want to get back up.”

After that, Aljahmi slipped into a coma.

Taylor visited Aljahmi in the hospital and spoke with his family. He also took to Facebook to post a message of support as the death clearly weighed on him: “i never wanted any of this stuff to happen u will always be in my heart RIP.”

Aljahmi’s family mourned his passing and related his love of boxing since he was a small child.

Aljahmi’s cousin, Ibrahim Aljahim, said, “He was very generous, loved everyone. He cared about the whole family … His goal in life was to be the future Muhammad Ali. He loved boxing. From the age of 10, he was into boxing, he watched boxing. That was his main sport.”