K. Michelle reveals new look after butt reduction: 'Sometimes less is more'

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K. Michelle said back in November that she was giving up her voluptuous behind for a smaller, more “normal” look, and now, she’s debuting the new butt on Instagram.

She posted photos of her new look along with the caption: “Betsy is smaller, but she still makes a statement. Sometimes less is more. Not finished yet, but feeling liberated getting back to myself.”

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In an interview last month with B. Scott, K. Michelle explained that she wanted to be taken more seriously in the business world: “For me, and my career right now, and me doing business — like really being on the frontline in business — I don’t need to have a man looking down at my ass when I’m trying to talk numbers. I don’t need to not be able to get the role. Like, I wanna be in Jurassic Park! Let me be in Jurassic Park! I don’t need to not be able to run through Jurassic Park because my ass is too heavy. Before the dinosaurs come to eat me, I need to be able to go!”

She also admitted that it was hard to wear the clothing she wanted to wear because of her shape: “I can’t wear designer clothes. It’s always a problem when it comes to designers and like when they have to get stuff to fit my body. That’s one thing, I’ve always had a big butt. You can ask anyone in college.”

Take a look at the new K. Michelle!

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