North Carolina baby dies following Christmas Day drive-by shooting

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On Monday, a 1-year-old baby died after being critically injured during a drive-by shooting on Christmas Day in North Carolina.

According to The News & Observer, little Maleah Williams was hit in the head with a stray bullet after shooting broke out in the parking lot of a Chapel Hill housing complex.

“My baby was just bleeding so much and gasping for air,” mom Tylena Williams told WTVD. “I kept telling her that I love her [and] ‘Please don’t leave me.’”

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Maleah was rushed to the hospital and was reported to be in critical condition. Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger posted a statement of support for the family online on Sunday.

“Home. Family. Safety. We have a right to demand this as a community. Over this holiday time, I know that citizens of Chapel Hill share my sense of sorrow and outrage,” Hemminger said. “This is a time to come together and speak out against gun violence. Our community should be a safe and peaceful place for everyone. We need greater gun control measures now that will reduce the availability of guns here and everywhere.”

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With the death of Maleah Williams, Shaquille Oneill Davis, who was arrested in the shooting, will be facing enhanced charges. According to The News & Observer, Ramone Jamarr Alston, 22, and Pierre Je Bron Moore, 23, were also arrested and charged in connection with the fatal shooting.