Watch: Kanye West's full performance of 'Gold Digger' during surprise audition for 'American Idol'

Fox has released the Kanye West's full audition video for 'American Idol'...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Remember when we found out that Kanye West had surprised the American Idol judges with an audition last fall? Well, now the full audition is available to watch, and it’s everything we imagined it would be.

While West performed “Gold Digger” for the judges, a worried and pregnant at the time Kim Kardashian waited backstage with Ryan Seacrest for the judges’ reactions.

And then the judges got to have their moments of delighted surprise as they realized that their so-called contestant was none other than Kanye West himself, and everything was hilariously perfect.

Check out the full audition video for yourself!