Tyler Perry says 1-year-old son is his 'healer'

Tyler Perry opens up about parenthood during an interview with 'Good Morning America'..

Director Tyler Perry appeared this morning on Good Morning America to talk about the new season of his OWN series The Haves and the Have Nots, and Love Thy Neighbor.

During Perry’s interview with Robin Roberts, he opened up about his 1-year-old son. Perry says his son healed him.

“He is my healer, because I look at myself in his eyes,” Perry said. “Everything that I’m finding about growing up and the things that went wrong in my life, I get the opportunity to do them right for him. So he is my healer.”

Perry also opened about comments he recently made in an interview with New York Magazine, where he defended his shows and films against critics who say he negative portrays African Americans.

Do Tyler Perry movies portray black folks in a negative light?

“I was pretty taken back by it, he said. “I think everybody has the right to tell their story no matter who you are no matter where you come from. Their’s this section of our culture that decides who should and shouldn’t speak, and who has the right to tell their stories and who shouldn’t. I think everybody in this country should have to right to tell their story and be seen and represented in television fairly.

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