50 Cent shames Golden Globes for dissing Omari Hardwick and 'Power' cast

50 Cent is not pleased about the Golden Globes apparently snubbing the cast of Power, and he took to social media to show his displeasure.

On Monday, the rapper sounded off on Instagram revealing that the cast had not been invited to the Golden Globes, and that is why they were not present at the event.

He posted an image of an angry Omari Hardwick with the caption: “This is how Omari looked at me, When STARZ said they don’t have tickets to the Golden Globes. I said ‘I know, I’ll fix it.’ Sometimes you don’t have to say a word to express how you feel.”


Last week 50 Cent confessed on Instagram that he feels as though Hardwick’s role on Power got him a “first class seat in the ni**ga section.”

“I personally got on the phone to talk Omari Hardwick into doing the POWER show,” 50 Cent wrote. “I feel like I let him down. The Show is the highest rated show on Starz, but its being over looked he works hard.A lot of people say it’s the best show on TV apparently we don’t know shit. I’m sorry Omari,I didn’t know this would get you a first class seat in the NIGGA section.”