Kevin Hart shares what his dad's drug addiction taught him about fatherhood

On Tuesday, Kevin Hart appeared on “The Howard Stern Show,” and while he was there, he opened up about his father’s addiction and why his past isn’t something he is ashamed of.

“From ages two through eight my dad did what he could before his addiction got out of hand and he disappeared,” Hart said. “The way I see it is things happen for a reason. If my dad hadn’t been around and didn’t do drugs, I may be handling my success differently. I may be on drugs; I may be searching for something.”


Hart said that watching his father make those kind of mistakes inspired him to want to be better and to avoid those mistakes so that he could be “such a great father.”

He also credited his mother with keeping him off the streets.

“My mom was such a strong woman she said, ‘Look, regardless of whatever your father’s doing and where he is, I have a job to do raising you, you’re going do what you’re supposed to do and you’re going to grow up to be two intelligent men’ — with me and my brother,” he said. “School was of the importance, and then with our neighborhood — it wasn’t a good neighborhood — she kept me off the streets. I applaud my mother. Rest in peace.”

Check out the interview below.