Sheree Whitfield sounds off on reports that she's 'broke'

Sheree Whitfield has returned to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and for diehard fans, it feels as if she never left.

After a three-season hiatus, Whitfield has toned down her ‘who gon’ check me boo’ personality to serve as the seasoned veteran amongst her fellow cast members.

“I was in a really bad place in my life. I was going through a lot of personal things with a divorce, child support battle and then getting into it with these girls,” Whitfield tells theGrio of her reason for leaving the Atlanta Housewives. “It was a lot to take on, and it just got really overwhelming.”

Whitfield recalled “adjusting” Kim Zolciak’s wig while filming for season two and describes it as the moment she regrets the most as a housewife.

“Back then [Kim} was not tacking it down or stapling it.. whatever they do.. bobby pin.. they were not doing any of that, so honestly if I really wanted to pull it off I could have, but that was not my intention. I didn’t want to be on TV acting like that. I didn’t want to let anyone get me to that level.”

These days, Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree is still a big newsmaker, with many media outlets reporting that the she is struggling financially or ‘broke.’

Whitfield took a moment to set the record straight on her finances.

“At the end of the day, I think the word ‘broke’ is very relative,” Whitfield said. “Am I where I want to be or where I think that I need to be? Absolutely not. So I probably am broke in my eyes. But am I living on the street or anything like that? Absolutely not. I actually live the same lifestyle I lived before. You won’t see me running around buying a bunch of $15,000 handbags, but if you do see me buying one, trust me I can afford it.”

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