Tennessee tutor arrested after three students found in trunk of her car

A Tennessee tutor was arrested after shocked police discovered that there were three children in the trunk of her car.

The tutor, Andria James, was arrested after a witness reported seeing nine children in her car as she pulled up to a gas station, Fox17 reports. Police found three children, aged 9 and 10, in the trunk of the Chevrolet Malibu, and six children of similar ages were found in the cab of the car. While James denied driving with them in the trunk, the crime was caught on camera.

James said that two of the kids in the car were her own and that the children had decided to stop for some pizza after a basketball game. She insisted that the three kids who were in the trunk had been playing in there but that she had not been driving while they were in the trunk.

“No, absolutely not, positively not,” James said, WSMV. “Not one minute did I leave kids in the trunk.”

But police say that surveillance footage says something different.

“We were actually able to verify that she pulled up and the kids had been riding in the car while it was on the road in the trunk,” said John Fesmire of the La Vergne Police Department.

James is a part-time tutor with Alex Green Elementary Impact School in Northwest Davidson County, and some of the children were her students.