R. Kelly says he doesn't know who Dave Chappelle is

Dave Chappelle and R. Kelly are both pretty much staples in pop culture by now, but it turns out Kelly doesn’t even know who Chappelle is.

During a recent GQ profile, Kelly spent some time in the interview genuinely confused as to who Chappelle was, which is particularly hard to believe, given the fact that a Chappelle’s Show skit that ties R. Kelly into such actions as peeing during sex is still quoted and used in Internet comments today.

“Given that a lot of people believe that the video shows you, some of the behaviors on the video have become associated with you, particularly urination as part of sex. Pissing on people. You must have seen that Dave Chappelle skit,” Chris Heath told Kelly during the interview.

“No, I haven’t,” Kelly replied.

“He did several clips on his show,” Heath prompted.

Kelly seemed unable to place Chappelle’s name, however, causing Heath to explain that he was a comedian who “acting as you, he did a parody of ‘Ignition (Remix)’ called ‘Piss on You.'”

Kelly seemed to be blissfully ignorant of the whole thing and only offered an “mmm” as comment.

Meanwhile, we all remember this…