Tyrese, Rev. Run discuss what they've shared with their daughters about dating

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Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run are tackling love and relationships on their new OWN series “It’s Not You It’s Men.”

Tyrese and Rev. Run are joined by a primetime studio audience and celebrity guests, including Amber Rose, Marlon Wayans, and Vin Diesel, as they take a deep dive into relationship topics related to monogamy, sex, romance, dating, commitment and marriage.

The pair provide an unfiltered and candid male point of view on what really makes a relationship work.

During their interview with theGrio, Tyrese and Rev. Run open up about the importance of being involved in their daughter’s lives so that they ultimately have healthy relationships with men.

Rev. Run, who has four daughters, says that he leads by example.

“It’s not about a conversation as much is it is about your presence,” he said. “If you’re there, you have your daughter looking at you, watching your actions, and she’ll be able to know how to be treated by the way you treat your wife or you treat her. Talk is one thing, but what they’re watching is the way you act. Over the years, if they see how their dad acts, they will know how to be treated.”

Tyrese believes he has set such a high standard for his 8-year-old daughter that she won’t be attracted to the wrong guy.

“We as men specifically are responsible for creating the standards in our kids lives,” Tyrese said. “My daughter will not be attracted to a man just because he has money and he has certain materialistic things.”

Be sure to tune in for the premiere of It’s Not You It’s Men, Saturday at 9/8c on OWN.