Kevin Hart: 'I'm trying my hardest to remove stereotypes'

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

After a Twitter user accused Kevin Hart of making “stereotypical” movies, Hart took to Twitter to defend himself.

“From the movie business…Ex “Black Movies”….I make movies for everyone, I’m actually overseas promoting my movie on a international level,” he tweeted out.

“I’m busting my ass so other actors of color can eventually get the title “Black Movie Category” removed from the projects that we do. So @tashyonlaneigh I want u 2 realize that people with ur mindset & level of thinking are the reason why our movies get categorized. In the future @tashyonlaneigh I don’t want 2 hear u complain about any of da problems that Black actors r havin Bcuz ur apart of the problem.”