'Rolling Stone' and Kanye West battle on Twitter over 'unauthorized' magazine cover

Kanye West is up to some more Twitter antics, and this time, he's taking on Rolling Stone.

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Kanye West is up to some more Twitter antics, and this time, he’s taking on Rolling Stone.

The rapper tweeted a fake Rolling Stone cover on Wednesday that he claimed his friend, Tyler the Creator, made for him. The image showed him wearing denim along with the cover title: “Does he like Mustard?”


Rolling Stone saw the cover and tweeted out that it would not be the real cover, but they played along by saying that they did indeed have “many mustard-related questions for him.”

But West kept right on going, calling out Billboard for saying the spread was “unauthorized” by saying, “Never refer to anything that me and Tyler do as fake out of respect to musicians.”


He also created a poll on whether or not the public agreed with him when he declared that his version of the cover would end up being the cover for Rolling Stone. Two hours later, the poll had over 80,000 votes.