It’s only been a few days since Ciara filed suit against Future for $15 million in a defamation lawsuit, but now, someone has leaked emails between her lawyer and Future’s lawyer, and it looks like this whole thing is getting pretty heated.

The emails between the two lawyers show that Ciara’s lawyer served Future with a cease-and-desist order after Future made derogatory comments suggesting that Ciara was being uncooperative with custody of their son and calling her a “b***h.” When Future refused to apologize, Ciara’s lawyer dug into him.

“It sounds like maybe you are of the opinion that it is okay to air parenting frustration on a social media forum,” reads an email from Ciara’s lawyer dated January 7.


“Ms. Harris has been equally as frustrated but she has not posted anything negative about Mr. Wilburn to her six million Twitter followers about how he refuses to agree to mutual random drug tests. She hasn’t posted anything negative about Mr. Wilburn to her 9.8 million Instagram followers about how he asks for parenting time when he is booked to perform out of state or out of the country. In fact, she has asked to keep these matters private for the sake of the minor child [Future Jr.], and Mr. Wilburn has refused.”

The lawyer continued, “It is not in the child’s best interests, no matter how frustrated his famous parents are or how you spin it, for parents to post negative comments about each other on social media. Calling Ms. Harris a ‘b***h’ on Twitter was so insulting and disrespectful.”