For anyone born in 2009 or later, this election season means it’s the first time they’ll be looking at a president who isn’t Barack Obama, and it turns out not all of them are ready for that change.

In a video makings the rounds of social media, grandmother Caprina D. Harris told her granddaughter, who shares a birthday with the president, that 2016 is Obama’s last year in office.  The news made the little girl burst into tears.

“I’m not ready for a new one!!” the girl wails.

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Harris comforts her granddaughter and tells her it’s time to elect a new president.

It seems this isn’t a unique problem, either, with activist Feminista Jones tweeting out her own story: “My son is legit distraught that President Obama won’t be president anymore. He asked ‘Will we have to have a White man now?'”

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Lest we forget– the election of President Obama ushered in an era of the first black First Family that redefined the White House.

Gone will be the days of FLOTUS Michelle Obama glowing all over our timelines while hosting dignitaries, Sasha and Malia serving us with class and excellence on trips to Martha’s Vineyard, and POTUS giving us laughs at the annual Press Club Dinner.

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The more some grown ups think about it, they may start crying too.