A Buffalo State College student died on Thursday, and friends are saying that the cause of his death was a bizarre hazing ritual gone wrong.

Friends and family of Bradley Doyley say that he was made to drink something toxic during the hazing ritual and that he had been feeling unwell for weeks afterward.

“He was throwing up blood,” said Michael Panton. “They had to take him into surgery and cut open his stomach. She asked us to keep him in our prayers.”

“I was in the weight room and heard he was pledging and was made to drink some type of toxic substance,” Dametrius Brown, a member of the college football team, told the Buffalo News. “I keep hearing different stories. First it was detergent, then some said sewer water.”

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“It’s different stories,” Marsha Green, Bradley’s cousin, said. “I heard that the rumor on campus was that he was given bleach to drink. We have heard nothing concrete as yet.”

While police are investigating the allegations of hazing, the campus chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity has been suspended. However, school officials insist that Doyley was not pledging to a fraternity.

“He had not completed the application process with the national fraternity,” a spokesperson for the school said.

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