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The morning after Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, Jesse Jackson visited the black congregation at First Nazareth Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, to warn the congregation that they had to get out and vote, especially to prevent the rise of Trump.

“I hear the phrase, ‘Make America great again,’” said Jackson. “This is the best America’s ever been!”

He went on to call the slogan a “throwback in time” and accused the Trump campaign of being filled with nostalgia for the Old South. He said that there was a “tug of war for the soul of America” going on in the upcoming presidential election and specifically called out people who were not getting out to vote, saying of their decision, “We’re building our own wall.”

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“So much we’ve fought for is now in jeopardy again,” Jackson said. “There’s a toxic wind blowing in the country today” and a “violent undercurrent” to the political debate.

He went on to urge people to get out to vote in the Democratic primary on Saturday and added that “if you voted yesterday, you need a real prayer.”

Jackson did not endorse either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for the upcoming primary, as he has known them both for some time, but he did encourage people to get out to vote especially in the general election, when South Carolina tends to vote Republican.

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