KFC names David Alan Grier first black Colonel Sanders

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Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new Colonel Sanders is black.

David Alan Grier announced on Twitter that he has been cast as the iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken colonel: “Breaking news: David Alan Grier has been cast as the first African American Colonel Sanders in the new KFC ad campaign.”

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KFC responded via Twitter to the news, supporting Grier as their new frontman.

The role is a controversial one, as racist Alabama Gov. George Wallace is rumored to have once considered Sanders as a running mate for a segregationist third-party presidential bid in 1968. In more recent news, the #OscarsSoWhite controversy has also drawn attention to the lack of diversity in casting roles, and putting a black man as the face of KFC seems to fly in the face of the all-white showing at the recent awards ceremony.

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Whether or not Grier’s casting as Colonel Sanders is part of a larger trend toward more diversity remains to be seen.

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Take a look what folks are saying on Twitter about Grier as the new Colonel Sanders.


UPDATE: In a statement provided to The Huffington Post, Kevin Hochman, KFC’s chief media officer, said that comedian David Alan Grier’s tweet on Thursday that he had been cast as Colonel Sanders was a joke.

“There is no new Colonel Sanders,” Hochman said. “We are very excited to learn that Mr. Grier is such a big fan of KFC and The Colonel. We’re a big fan of him as well. We hope to continue the conversation with him over a $5 Fill Up.”