Tamar Braxton to Donald Trump: ‘You are a racist!’

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Tamar Braxton and the ladies of The Real are weighing in on the shocking viral video of a black woman being pushed and dragged out of a rally this week for presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

In an episode set to air next week, Braxton expresses her honest opinion of Trump, calling him “a racist.”

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“I mean, listen, my nerves are completely on probation,” Braxton said. “Because you know, I don’t… this tape didn’t play Trump actually telling the girl, [yells] ‘Get out!’ Like, first and foremost, I feel like if you are a racist of any kind, you should not be able to run for presidency.”

Braxton added that her sister Trina has children that are part Mexican, and she finds Trump’s stance on immigration to be completely absurd.

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“I’m just disgusted that somebody who’s running for president…. You’re not even in the house yet,” Braxton said. “Let’s just say, God forbid, you become the leader of the free world and you are already setting the standard of how you gonna run. You are a racist! You are already showing everybody who you are.”

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Be sure to tune in Monday, March 7 as Braxton and the rest of the ladies of The Real weigh in on Trump’s presidential run.