A Pennsylvania mother took to cyberbullying her son’s ex-girlfriend by posting nude photos that the girlfriend had sent her son when she was 12.

Danita Michaux posted the image, which was taken when the girl was 12 and was sent to her son and which showed the girl naked from the waist up, publicly to Facebook. According to state police, she had also harassed the young girl’s aunt in December.

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“The results of a search warrant for the Facebook account of Danita Nicole Michaux were received, reviewed, and contained the harassing communication including the photograph of (the 12-year-old girl) in full frontal nudity from the waist up, and disparaging remarks about the victim sexuality,” read the complaint obtained by WTAE.

State police issued an arrest warrant for Michaux on charges including felony dissemination of child sex acts, child pornography and cyber harassment of a child.

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