Rapper, 20, jailed for music video featuring lyrics threatening District Attorney

A man with suspected gang ties was jailed for a music video in which he allegedly threatened the Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

According to the New York Daily News, Sean Chung was sent to Riker’s Island last month because of a music video he posted in November. At the time, he was out on bail for a murder conspiracy charge, and the song was seen as a threat to DA Richard Brown.

“Tell the judge to get off my c—, put the DA in a box,” Chung raps in the music video.

But Chung’s attorney, Audrey Thomas, said that the song was written two years ago.

“The song predates his arrest. He’s been rapping since he was 15, he was arrested at 18,” said Thomas, who did admit that she did not know when the music video itself was recorded. “Whatever happened to the First Amendment?”

“My position is that his rap lyrics are no more offensive or dangerous than any other successful musician, like Beyonce Knowles in her (video for the) song ‘Formation,’” Thomas said. “Yet she is being praised in our society. Why is it that Mr. Chung goes to jail on remand status when Donald Trump can … threaten to murder the families of terrorists?”

One week after Chung was remanded to Riker’s Island, he was attacked by two inmates and suffered lacerations for which he is being treated.

“He wouldn’t have been stabbed if he wasn’t in jail,” said Thomas.