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It’s been 25 years since New Jack City, and in that spirit, Wesley Snipes dubbed March 8 “Nino Brown Day.”

“Nino Brown is Eternal Baby,” Snipes tweeted out, followed by a series of tweets composed of quotes from the movie.

“My man @kanyewest is the Nino Brown of now. #SpeakTheTruth,” he added.

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The 1991 film looked at the drug and violence epidemic in America, with Ice T and the police department trying to bring down the ruthless drug kingpin played by Snipes. In addition to shining a light on the state of violence, the movie was also remembered for starting some serious fashion trends.

However, during Snipe’s trip down memory lane he also took the opportunity to shut down a couple followers who mocked his legacy.

“they let you outta jail?” one man tweeted.

“Is that you Pookie? You still tweekin’ on them rocks? ,” the actor clapped back without missing a beat.

New Jack City was the best movie you ever did other than that you straight trash,” another fan opined.

“Thank you. Your line up crooked fam,” Sniped quipped, referencing the troll’s profile picture that did in fact showcase a questionable hairline.

Check out the exchanges below.

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