Princess Shyngle took to Instagram on Friday to post images of herself in the hospital being treated for a kidney disease which was likely caused by her waist trainer.

“Hospital bound… Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll,” the 24-year-old captioned a post of herself with her arm hooked up to an IV drip.

The actress, writer and producer has previously admitted to using the waist trainer, a corset worn by women in order to keep their waists small, in order to maintain her curvy figure. However, experts have warned that the use of the waist trainer can lead to medical issues and damage to internal organs, including kidneys.

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Dr Galyna Selezneva warned that waist trainers can cause problems with organs and bones over time: “If someone gets addicted to wearing a waist trainer day after day the inner organs will shift. There will be a disbalance in the cavity as it is not normal to have such as small waist. There can also be changes to the ribs and bone structures. Obviously if you are wearing them repeatedly, you are not exercising the muscles so they are also wasting.”

Princess’ current condition is unknown, and it is not known whether she had been released from the hospital yet.

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Check out video of her 22-inch waist below.