Rihanna denies Beyoncé rivalry in ‘Vogue’: ‘I can only do me’

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Rihanna says she and Beyoncé just aren’t the rivals that the media is hyping them up to be.

In the wake of growing rumors of a beef between the two superstars as Beyoncé released her single “Formation” the same week Rihanna’s Anti was climbing charts and as their fans declared war on each other on Twitter, Rihanna recently gave an interview in Vogue that suggested she had absolutely no hate in her heart for Beyoncé.

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“Here’s the deal. They just get so excited to feast on something that’s negative,” Rihanna said. “Something that’s competitive. Something that’s, you know, a rivalry. And that’s just not what I wake up to. Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that.”

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Besides, she’s just too busy for any of the usual drama: “My schedule is so crazy right now.”

Rihanna also discussed her song “Work,” which has been joked about on such venues as Saturday Night Live for the chorus that is hard to understand. She said that she took her inspiration from her home culture in Barbados.

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“You get what I’m saying, but it’s not all the way perfect,” she explained. “Because that’s how we speak in the Caribbean.”