A high school sophomore in Alabama was tired of boys sagging their pants and decided to do something about it.

“Seeing a bunch of boys sagging at school and in public. I just was so disgusted by it that i wished that somebody or something would make them change,” said 15-year-old Morgan McCane.

Then, her mother suggested that she start a movement and do something about her frustration, which inspired Morgan to create the “Girls Against Boys Sagging” or GABS movement, along with her sister.

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The movement is actually targeted at women and girls rather than at men and boys, Morgan said. “I feel like women can change men’s minds most,” she explained. Her goal is to get girls to wear the shirts to let boys know that they do not approve of their fashion choices.

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“The T-shirts do kind of put it out there and make boys say ‘oh look they’re with this movement so maybe we shouldn’t do all that,'” she explained.

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Her father, Howard McCane, said that he supports the message his daughter is trying to spread. “If you go ahead and start making some good choices about how you carry yourself,” he said. “Then maybe as you go forward you won’t project such a negative connotation to people.”

“I’m really so pleased as a father to be able to have a daughter who really wants to step up and make some type of movement to try to change something.”