White student who started #BlackWomenAreGorgeous slammed for anti-black slurs on Twitter

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A 21-year-old white college student named Russell Schiller recently caught national attention on the Internet when he started the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous hashtag.

“I really love black women,” Schiller told Ebony last week. #BlackWomenAreGorgeous. “They are the standard for beauty, in my opinion.”

But his rise to fame has hit a serious roadblock on Friday when a Twitter user pointed out that the Howard University student used the word “ni**a” liberally in his Twitter posts.

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Schiller then issued an apology, saying that “during the time those tweets were posted, I was in an extensive growing phase.” He said that he had grown since then and that “maturing as a human being is what has taught me that the actions I was conducting were no longer acceptable.”

“Although I have been in the black community my entire life I must recognize that I will never be able to one hundred percent relate to anything that any African-American person has dealt with,” he wrote.

He insisted that his mistakes should not have any bearing on the #BlackWomenAreGorgeous movement, but the fact that the face of the hashtag has fallen so far from grace in the public eye has in fact put a damper on the momentum of the hashtag.

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