A school bus driver has been put on administrative leave after video emerged of him driving his bus while the father of one of the girls on the bus clings to the front of the vehicle.

The father, James ‘Mikey’ Burdett, said that he found himself in that predicament after he asked the bus driver to stop so that he could pick up his daughter. Burdett and other parents were apparently not pleased by recent changes made to the bus stop schedule and route.

Burdett reportedly told the driver, “Stop this bus. This is my daughter’s stop.”

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“When I tried to talk to him he wouldn’t open the door so I stood in front of the bus and put my hand out and said ‘just listen I want my daughter that’s it,'” Burdett told CBS. “And I said it the first time he just pressed on the gas.”

He said that he tried to escape from the bus but was unable, as the driver pressed the gas again and hit his leg. “Then I grabbed on for dear life and he kept going,” he recalled.

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Burdett’s daughter, who was in the bus filled with small children at the time, was reportedly traumatized by the event.

“She was screaming to the bus she was sitting behind the bus driver like ‘please stop, that’s my dad, that’s my daddy,'” Burdett said.

The incident is being investigated, and the bus driver has been placed on leave.

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