Diddy reacts to 'nonsense' rumors he had Tupac murdered

During a recent interview with The Breakfast ClubSean “Diddy” Combs once again addressed the never-ending rumor that he was involved in Tupac’s murder.

“We don’t talk about things that are nonsense. We aren’t going to go there with all due respect,” he said in response to a question about rumors of his involvement. “But I appreciate you as a journalist for asking.”

50 Cent blames Diddy for murder of Tupac

In a new documentary this spring, LAPD detective Greg Kading alleges what many have believed for some time about Tupac Shakur’s murder: Diddy did it.

Diddy Launches charter school in Harlem

Kading claims in Murder Rap that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs hired a hit man to kill Tupac for $1 million and that Suge Knight paid $13,000 to have Biggie, Diddy’s best friend, killed.

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During his Breakfast Club interview, Combs also spoke about the new charter school he is excited about opening in Harlem: “It’s so important that we get to our kids early. I feel like the reason I was able to be so successful was because I was blessed with my mother busting her butt to really give me a great education. So, she sent me the private schools, she felt like she wanted to give me the best opportunity. We don’t have a lot of those opportunities in our different cities, and in our different communities, and I wanted to do something bigger than opening up a community center or just giving a donation. I wanted to do something that was long term.”