Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler's daughter just won the Internet, misses her father

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Dexter Fowler and the Cubs are out on the West Coast, and while the season is off to a great start, his most important fan is staying at home connecting with her dad from afar.

In an adorable video posted to Instagram and Twitter, Fowler’s wife, Darya, and young daughter, Naya, can be seen cheering on the man in their lives from afar, watching on TV instead of in person.

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Naya even gets to stay up past her bedtime so that she can see her dad, and it’s absolutely heartwarming to see how technology closes the gap between family members who are so far apart.

“Daddy!” Naya pleads repeatedly while touching her father’s face on the TV screen.

Needless to say Fowler’s return home will be pretty memorable.

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