A new women’s hair magazine named CRWNMAG about black women’s beauty and natural hair topics was founded to start new and “progressive dialogue around what it really means to ‘go natural’ in America.”

Started by founders Lindsey Day and Nkrumah Farrar, who collaborated to “create a platform that documents the experiences of natural-haired black women,” the magazine is out to start a new standard for beauty that encourages women everywhere to take on their hair journeys together.

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When asked in an interview with HuffPo Black Voices what ingredients in the magazine make theirs different and interestingly unique from other online or print magazines on the topic, the founders said that “there was a void when it came to publications that were really celebrating and edifying black women.” They continued to explain that the overall quality and creativity needed to be raised to a higher level when representing this topic and publications. They said that too many women out there are encouraged to “lighten” their skin and hair, straighten it, and so on, to make everything seem thinner. Co-founders Lindsey and Nkrumah said that they wish to celebrate the “diversity, the uniqueness and the beauty that black women naturally embody.”

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Lindsey and Nkrumah also stated that they felt many black women have always been seen as ‘strong’ women but are not always seen for their beauty. This was a problem they set out to fix as many of their first publications included shots of women who were not models but simply beautiful and gorgeous women.

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One of the founders went so far as to say, “We seek to immortalize in print a conversation that already exists online. We are creating a print platform for the culture.” Thus far, the magazine has printed their August issue, “Zero,” and also their Zine, which will both lead up to a spring release of the next issue, “One.”

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