Slick Rick finally becomes a US citizen after fighting off deportation for decades

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After decades of fending off deportation, Slick Rick is finally a United States citizen.

Over the past few years, immigration officials have tried on multiple occasions to kick the English-born “La-Di-Da-Di” performer out of the country after he pleaded guilty in 1991 to two counts of attempted murder. He spent five years in jail, and immigration officials wanted him out of the country after that.

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Rick has maintained that he fired his gun in self-defense, stating that the cousin he had wounded had previously threatened his life. An innocent bystander was also wounded in the altercation. Rick pleaded guilty as part of a deal, but the plea still meant that he was a foreign national with a record, which meant immigration officials wanted him gone.

However, Rick continued to fight off deportation until Friday, when he officially gained citizenship status.

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“I am so proud of this moment — and so honored to finally become an American citizen,” Rick, whose real name is Ricky Walters, said Friday in a statement.

“This has been a long time coming for me, and I am relieved to finally put this long chapter behind me,” he said shortly after the official ceremony.

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“I want to thank everyone — my family, friends and fans — who have supported me and stuck by me over these 23 years. I am truly blessed, and stay tuned, I will have more to announce soon.”