Man steals house and BMW to impress girlfriend

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A man in Indianapolis has been accused of burglary after stealing a BMW SUV and moving into an empty home, all in an attempt to impress his girlfriend.

According to court documents, Gregory D. Harris, 48, made a low offer on the home but had not purchased it. He was discovered when realtors came to the house to show it to potential buyers only to discover that the ‘For Sale’ signs had been removed and the furniture inside the home had been moved. Harris even went so far as to replace the locks on the doors.

When confronted with what he had done, he admitted it to a real estate representative and stated that since he put an offer in on the home, he believed that it belonged to him. He then emailed this person fake documents including a quitclaim deed, a purchase and sale agreement as well as proof of insurance.

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Harris was told by the company that owned the house, CastleRock REO, that he was to remove himself and his belongings from the home immediately, and his response was to send a picture of the stolen SUV in the driveway.

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According to court documents, Harris had told his girlfriend that he was a millionaire and he had purchased the car for her; she had no reason to believe it was stolen. She was the one that found the listing for the home and had mentioned to him that she liked it. Later that day, he told her he had bought it and sent pictures to her of him inside the home.

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On April 15, the police were called to deal with a trespasser, and when they arrived on scene, they found Harris and his girlfriend at the home. Harris admitted to the police what he had done.