Fight breaks out between New York police and firefighters at charity football game

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New York City’s finest officers and bravest firefighters went toe-to-toe on the football field over the weekend and then some.  During Sunday’s “Fun City Bowl” in Brooklyn, a fight broke out between both groups that had to be broken up multiple times.

The fight started on the 50 yard line as tempers between the NYPD and the FDNY flared during the post-game handshake. After the fight, several players walked off the field bloody or bruised.

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“He was pulled out of the crowd, the FDNY guy,” said Angel Zayas, a freelance photographer who caught the fight on camera. “It was trickling out the side, you could see the blood on the side of his head,” he told NBC 4.

“They hit our quarterback out of bounds, and that’s how things started,” FDNY coach Steve Orr told The New York Post. “There were a lot of hotheads there.”

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Members of the groups fought and were eventually separated but tensions heated up and they went at it again.

Referees halted the game for 25 minutes to punish and kick out those who were involved. The game was initially tied, 3-3 when the fight broke out but the NYPD went on to win the game.

Eventually, the two groups did shake hands and hug it out with the crowd cheering them on in the background.

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