The man Trump called ‘My African-American’ doesn’t even support him

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Gregory Cheadle wasn’t offended when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pointed him out for his skin color at a rally on Friday.

During the California rally, Trump was speaking about the support he enjoyed from the African-American community and when he saw Cheadle in the crowd said, “Look at my African-American over here.”

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“I was not offended by it because he had been speaking positively about black people prior to that statement,” Cheadle told NPR. “People around me were laughing [at the fact] that he noticed me, and everybody was happy. It was a jovial thing.”

“Had he said, ‘Here’s my African-American friend,’ or ‘my African-American supporter’ or something like that, then there would be less ambiguity,” Cheadle said. “Had he said, ‘Here’s my African-American’ and then after that said, ‘What’s up, dawg,’ or ‘boy’ or even the N-word as they use it today, I really would have been offended.”

But despite his lack of offense, Cheadle wanted to make it clear that he is not yet sure he’s voting for Trump.

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“I am not a Trump supporter,” Cheadle said. “I went to go hear Donald Trump because I have an open mind.”

“I am a free man. I am not chained to any particular party, and I refuse to be chained to any particular party,” he continued.

Cheadle is no stranger to politics.  He is running for a seat in California’s 1st Congressional district and calls himself an “1856 Republican” saying he is “not part of the old guard, good ol’ boy, statist Republican Party,” and wants to do what’s right, not necessarily “politically correct.”

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