Teens accused of pepper spraying black kids on bicycles while yelling racial slurs

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Three white teens are accused of using pepper spray on three black kids on bicycles and hurling racial slurs, including “look it’s a pack of n——!”
Authorities are investigating a possible hate crime after arresting Peter-Austin Afentakis and Corey Knous, both 19, and 18-year-old John Schmidt. The three teens were driving in Pinellas Park when one of the teens saw the group of kids. At a red light, Schmidt, who wasn’t driving, rolled down his window.–Customer who smashed Muslim’s woman’s face with beer mug won’t face hate crime charges

Schmidt proceed to yell racial slurs at the teens, calling them the N-word, according to the station. Two of the teens on the bikes were black, aged 13 and 15, and the other one was white and 14 years old.

This than led into an argument between the two groups of boys, and Schmidt got out of the vehicle and pepper sprayed them. They then proceeded to drive off in the vehicle.

Afentakis, who was the driver of the car, according to WTSP, was released from jail. The other two suspects however, were in jail until Friday.

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The boys that were injured by the pepper spray were treated and sent home to be with their parents.

According to the State Attorneys office, a hate crime enhancement and child abuse charges are being investigated.